Covid-19 Facilities Operational Procedures

Covid Recovery Building Operational Procedural Changes


Disinfection Procedures


Georgia Tech Facilities Management is implementing cleaning practices supported by the CDC to help prevent the spread of illness.
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The following public areas are to be cleaned and disinfected daily:

  • Restrooms and Elevators (4 times a day)
  • Classrooms (daily dependent upon classroom usage and time available to effectively disinfect)
  • Meeting Rooms and Conference rooms (2 times a day)
  • Lobbies/Common Space/Stairs (2 times a day)

The following surface touch points are disinfected daily:

  • All rails in stairwells and common areas
  • Elevators including call buttons and rails
  • Horizontal surfaces including tables, countertops and desks
  • Door handles, levers and push bars
  • Access control push buttons
  • Light switches
  • Restroom fixtures and flush valves

Disinfectant is sprayed and left for a dwell time of 2 minutes. The EPA-registered disinfectant being used is: ·A non-toxic, hypochlorous solution using Annihilare technology that is on the Environmental Protection Agency list. See the link to the safety data sheet under "Operational Changes" on this page.

  • For additional disinfection Georgia Tech Building Services is using an electrostatic sprayer.
  • For cleaning hard (non-porous) surfaces that are visibly dirty, a microfiber cloth is used prior to disinfection.

For all other areas the Gen-Eon solutions will be used as usual.


Hand Sanitizer Dispensers (updated 7/10/20)

Throughout campus, wall mounted hand sanitizer dispensers are refilled by Building Services.  These are located at restrooms and other common areas. Facilities: Building Services will continue to refill these dispensers. The freestanding units will be placed at building entrances. These hold a gallon bottle. 

Building managers can request refill bottles through the EHS order form.  After the initial distribution is complete, additional stands can be requested.  Extra bottles are also available to order if needed for reception desks, etc.

AWARE Program Requires Occupants to Empty Their Own Trash

Starting June 18, research buildings will transition to the AWARE program (Actively Working to Achieve Resource Efficiency). Under AWARE, it is each faculty or staff member’s responsibility to:

  • Empty their waste containers into the larger bins located within the building.
  • Place all office paper in larger recycling bins.
  • Empty any food waste into the solid waste/landfill containers DAILY.


Moving forward Custodians will no longer be servicing desk-side or office waste containers. 

This transition will save the Institute resources and support advancement of Georgia Tech’s sustainability goals related to waste diversion. It will also allow our custodial teams to spend more time disinfecting buildings to protect our campus community.  

An program overview is provided here. If you have questions, please reach out to Emma Brodzik, Campus Recycling Coordinator, at