CIMS-GB Certification with Honors

2017 & 2018:

Green Seal Certification


Green Cleaning program is independently certified under Grean Seal Standard GS-42


We continue to evolve and improve our green cleaning program. We are in the final process of having our program certified under the Green Seal Program for our cleaning process and service. 

Expanded the program to 160 tier-one custodians. This expansion reduced number of cleaners used, simplifying the green cleaning program with a cost-effective option.

Began testing the efficacy and ease-of-use of ionized water. We established a pilot program with 25 custodians.

Product and equipment analysis: What supports environmental and financial responsibility? Garbage bags, floor strippers, carpet cleaners and paper towel dispensers…nothing was omitted from our critical “green-cleaning” scrutiny. About every product and process we used, we continuously asked, “Is this necessary? Is this wasteful? Are we being effective? How are we impacting human and environmental health?”

Georgia Tech’s Green Cleaning program was initiated by implementing a general-purpose, low-voc cleaner called Oxy Orange concentrated peroxide cleaner. The product impressed us, but we quickly realized that we had to look beyond chemical reduction if we were going to be serious about a green cleaning program. Our research uncovered that there were extensive high-efficiency cleaning equipment and methods being developed which could greatly expand our green cleaning methods. For the next six years we continued to chip away our chemical inventory, reducing cleaning chemicals from 25 down to 5.


  • microfiber mops and rags
  • recycled paper products
  • back-pack vacuums.