IAC Facilities Manager Awarded Building Manager of the Year

Sam Aral, Ivan Allen College (IAC) facilities manager, was awarded the Georgia Tech Building Manager of the Year at the 2015 Building Manager Symposium hosted by the GTPD Office of Emergency Preparedness (OIP) and the Environmental Health and Safety Department (EHS).

The award was presented in recognition of his outstanding contributions to building management, safety, and the preparedness of the Georgia Tech campus.

Aral, who holds a master’s degree in education, represents the Ivan Allen College on campus level committees on space issues and future capital projects. As Facilities Manager, he oversees facility related projects, maintenance and space managements, and major renovations for all IAC schools and units. In addition to this, Aral oversees building safety and security and coordinates large-scale moves.

Congratulations to Sam Aral for his achievement!

Honoring Sam Aral (from left to right) are: Dean Jacqueline Royster, EHS Director Nazia Zakir, Director of Facilities Operation and Maintenance Mark Demyanek, Sam Aral, Chief of Police Rob Connolly, and OIP Director William Smith.

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  • Sam Aral, Building Manager of the Year

    Sam Aral, Building Manager of the Year

  • Sam Aral

    Sam Aral

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