Caddell Landscaping: Nov. 9 thru Feb. 2016

The Caddell Building’s highly anticipated landscape and hardscape is being installed throughout November and December. Shortly after students return from winter break, they will have a brick-paved plaza to relax in on the south side of the building. Upgrades also include new shade trees, new handrails and guardrails, sidewalks additional bike-racks and signage. 



Work Hours: 7am-6pm M-F, only Saturday work if making up rain days.

Start Date: November 9

End Date: January 11 (weather permitting)

Anticipated Campus Detours or Interruptions:

  • Some of the Caddell building entrances may be impacted for short amounts of times while new hardscape is being put in place. However, building access will be provided, as normal.
  • Pedestrian Circulation: In early to mid-December pedestrians may be re-routed to the east side of the corridor while a stormwater pipe is connected to the Klaus Building cistern. This will be a very minor re-route that should not impact general travel times. 

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  • Caddell Landscaping Plan

    Caddell Landscaping Plan

For More Information Contact

Jessica Rose, General Questions: 404-385-1822

Jennifer Disotell, Construction Concerns