Spring Projects Improve Central Campus Landscaping, Infrastructure

Several upcoming construction projects will bring upgrades to high traffic areas of campus. 

Beginning Monday, Feb. 15, Tech Green will be closed for improvements to enhance the soil and drainage system of this popular green space. System upgrades will help the field recover more quickly after heavy rains and intense use, ultimately resulting in more usable green space. The project will also include upgrades to the irrigation system and the aesthetics of the area.     

By design, Tech Green is like no other green space on campus. It sits atop a 1.4-million gallon underground cistern — one of the largest in the U.S. — that captures water runoff from Tech Green and Clough Commons. The water is used to flush toilets in Clough Commons and for landscape irrigation. This reuse substantially reduces the amount of stormwater put into the City of Atlanta sewer system. 

Construction is anticipated to be complete by mid-May, but Tech Green will remain closed until August to allow the new grass to take root. Fencing will surround the area, but pedestrian access will remain on all four sides. Food trucks will be relocated.

For those who plan campus events, alternate venues include the Instructional Center Lawn and Tech Tower Lawn. 

At the south end of Tech Walk, the historic campus area continues to see improvements. A Cherry Street project will refresh vegetation, replace materials, and restore quality to the landscaping and hard surfaces in the area to the west of Tech Tower. When complete, the Corliss pump that many are fond of photographing will have a refreshed surrounding space that includes tables and chairs, benches, and bike racks. Cherry Street will eventually be visually transformed by brick pavers, which also benefit Tech’s stormwater management by reducing runoff, after the completion of the Library Renewal Project. Construction at Cherry Street begins March 1 and is expected to be complete by August. 

To the north of Tech Green, a significant section of steam pipes is being replaced along Atlantic Drive. These steam pipes, originally installed in the early 1950s, support several surrounding buildings and their heating and research needs. In addition to utilities, the project will also improve the landscape and hardscape in the area to create a more pedestrian-friendly avenue in the middle of campus, mirroring the environment on Atlantic Drive toward the Engineered Biosystems Building. The project will also improve accessibility and improve lighting in the area. Work will begin in early March and is anticipated to be complete by the end of October.

For more information and visuals of the project sites, visit www.facilities.gatech.edu

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