Renovation of Boggs Building, First Floor Coming Soon

The Boggs Chemistry Building will undergo construction starting May 6. The renovation will provide lasting impacts to students and faculty in this very active laboratory space. Included in the renovation are the removal of hazardous materials, adding new, efficient LED lighting fixtures, improving air distribution and updating the lobby and auditorium spaces.



  • Start Date: May 6, 2016

Normal Working Hours: 7AM-5PM with any noisier work restricted to after 9am so as to not interrupt student sleep. Weekend work will only be necessary in there are major rain delays.

  • Anticipated End Date: August 19, 2016


Campus Detours or Interruptions:


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  • Boggs Lobby Renovation Rendering

    Boggs Lobby Renovation Rendering

  • Boggs Auditorium Renovation Rendering

    Boggs Auditorium Renovation Rendering

For More Information Contact

Jessica Rose

Communications Officer, Facilities Management

Chris Sanders, Construction Project Manager, Facilities: Design & Construction