Price Gilbert and Crosland Tower Renewal: Nov. 01, 2016 through January 2020

Improved accessibility and/or ADA Compliance

·      Historic Building

·      Adaptive Reuse

·      Safety and/or Lighting Improvements

·      Green Space and/or Open Space

·      Added Seating



·        Start Date: November 1, 2016

Normal Working Hours: 7am-5pm. Weekend work will only be necessary in there are major rain delays.

·        Anticipated End Date: January 30, 2020


Campus Detours or Interruptions:

Phased detours of pedestrian traffic around the Library complex corresponding to the construction sequences.

November 2016- Summer 2017: Work will close the north sidewalk of Bobby Dodd Way between Old Civil Engineering Building, Cherry Street and the alley between Old Civil Engineering building and Crosland Tower.

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For More Information Contact

Jessica Rose, Facilities Communications Officer

Gary Petherick, Construction Project Manager 

Jason Wright, Library Communications Manager