Tech Green Opens for Leisure Use, But Tread Lightly

Today, the fences around Tech Green are being removed, and the campus community will be able to once again enjoy this central green space — just in time for Homecoming Weekend.

But don’t plan on large tailgate gatherings just yet. To protect the root system of the new grass and help prevent permanent damage to the area, heavy traffic or placement of tents and large event equipment is prohibited until further notice. It is particularly important to avoid use of the Green during and after rain events while the ground is saturated. 

Tech Green will not be available for events until warmer weather conditions bring the grass back out of dormancy. Facilities Management Landscape Services will continue to monitor the development, strength, and stability of Tech Green and will communicate when formal scheduled events may resume. This will likely be sometime in late spring or early summer 2017. 

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  • Tech Green fence 2016

    Tech Green fence 2016

  • Tech Green fence with sign

    Tech Green fence with sign

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Jessica Rose
Communications Officer
Facilities Management