Lab Ventilation Project

The laboratory ventilation improvement project has begun! This initiative will greatly improve environmental and safety conditions, as well as occupant comfort. Please click below for the current schedule, Town Hall Presentation and meeting minutes. 

At some point during the 13-month timeframe, each laboratory will need to be vacated for one week to accommodate construction, including the removal of all equipment from fume hoods. As needed, other experiments in the labs may be able to be periodically monitored during the week of construction. These individual research needs will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. 

Project Schedule

Most recent schedule (as of August 20, 2019) is posted here.  Check back for schedule adjustments. 

Town Hall Presentation

Learn more about the project. Click here.

Meeting Minutes


These designees will represent their units/department and shall be empowered to make decisions related to scheduling. Duties may include:

  • Work with the construction team on behalf of their units to best accommodate user concerns and scheduling requirements.

  • Facilitate vacating of the labs in a way that conforms to the required construction schedule while also supporting researcher requirements. 

  • Help to distribute communications regarding pertinent project meetings and project updates.  

  • Consistent pressure and temperature controls will enable better working conditions. 
  • Safer, better functioning lab with consistent environmental conditions.  
  • Installed purge button for emergencies.
  • Additional technical support on building controls.
  • Reduced carbon footprint for the Institute.
  • Pre-planning & Scheduling Logistics: Now through July.
  • Mobilization on site anticipated to be late August to early September.
  • We are bound to a strict 13-month construction period. 
  • Approximately 3-5 laboratories will be in construction at any given time during the 13-month period.
  • Work will be concentrated on a single floor or wing of the building at a time and will move through the building, floor-by-floor. 
  • Lab operations will be interrupted for 7 days. During that week, construction above the ceiling, equipment commissioning and occupant training will occur.
  • Hoods must be vacated. Lab benches and equipment will be physically covered by the contractor. 
  • Contractor can allow occasional visits to lab to check on things, if arranged for in advance.