Howey Physics Building Lecture Halls Undergo Multiphase Renovation

Originally constructed in 1967, the Howey Physics Building is undergoing a major renovation for the first time in more than 50 years. With an emphasis on respecting the historic character of the structure, while balancing the needs for improved instructional space, renovation efforts (which began on four of its lecture halls in May) will occur over several semesters. 

“Being an older building with heavily used instructional spaces for large lecture courses, it is expected that this renovation will be a welcome change for students and faculty alike,” said Sabrina Miller, assistant registrar for Academic Scheduling in the Office of the Registrar.

In the first phase of construction, which will last through mid-August, much of the older infrastructure will be addressed with the replacement of the water piping and the HVAC system. Additional renovations during this time will include addressing a structural problem with the floor slab, replacing lobby masonry, and updating and expanding the restrooms including creating a gender-inclusive restroom. 

Because the Institute is focused on ensuring that courses scheduled in the building are a good fit for capacity and accessibility, the renovation project will be halted at the end of the summer to allow for Fall 2019 classes to resume in all four halls of the building.

The project will resume during the Spring 2020 semester, with a focus on lecture halls 3 and 4. During that time, hall 2 will serve as a construction noise buffer, and hall 1 will remain open for classes. During the Summer 2020 semester, all four lecture halls will be undergoing renovation. At the end of the summer, work in lecture halls 3 and 4 will be complete, and construction will shift to lecture halls 1 and 2 during the Fall 2020 semester. The entire renovation project should be completed in time for classes starting in January 2021.

Further updates will be available as the renovation progresses. 

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  • Howey Physics renovation lobby rendering

    Howey Physics renovation lobby rendering

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    Howey Physics renovation auditorium rendering

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