Parents Show Support for Facilities Employees

It began with an email to Mark Demyanek, vice president (interim) of Sustainability, Facilities and Safety.  A group of parents reached out asking for the best way to show their appreciation for employees in Facilities. They were grateful for the extra efforts of those employees who were responsible for keeping the campus open, vibrant, healthy, clean and safe for all students this semester. They wanted to send treats and were curious how many individuals should be included. When they were informed that it would be more than 500 people, they didn't blink an eye.

Cheryl Kelley, assistant to the Vice President, coordinated with the Georgia Tech parent group who were mostly from the New England area. Those parents reached out to local Tech parents and confirmed a day and location for the delivery of hundreds of bottles of water and sports drinks, individual snacks, fruit and pastries. Cookies iced with the GT logo, the words "Thank You" and even the "Jackets Protect Jackets" tagline were a personal and thoughtful touch.  In addition, individual thank you cards were available for staff to pick up as they made their way down a buffet of goodies.  

For those who couldn't attend the organized event, Kelley and several other Facilities employees filled individual treat bags and delivered those to other departments throughout the unit.  

Demyanek replied to the parent group, "Our front-line Facilities team members have stayed at their posts since this whole thing I can tell you that your kind recognition will be deeply appreciated."   

When Jackets appreciate Jackets, the sense of community and commitment strengthens among all those connected to the Institute.



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    GT Thank you cookies for FM

  • Parents show support for Facilities Management employees

    Parents show support for Facilities Management employees

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    FM Employees at Appreciation Table

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    FM employees bagging treats

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