Tree Splits Near Student Center

There’s a little less shade in the middle of campus where one of Georgia Tech’s oldest trees stood for more than a century.

A large willow oak located outside the Student Center Commons split suddenly Tuesday morning, splintering off and covering the rest of the area with its branches. The tree had a 69-inch caliper as of 2016 and was in fair condition, according to Georgia Tech’s tree inventory. It stood 81 feet high, with a crown width of 87 feet at its widest point.

With the pieces being a hazard in the immediate area and the tree’s integrity now compromised, Landscape Services notified a tree removal company, whose workers began the process of removing the fallen branches yesterday. Work will continue throughout the week to remove the remainder of the tree.

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  • Willow Oak Split

    Willow Oak Split

  • Willow Oak in pieces

    Willow Oak in pieces

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