1.) Project Start Up

PPV + GTFI Projects - Project Start Up Checklist

Projects that are owned by a public private venture (PPV), with specific lease requirements and certain project criteria, must go through Georgia Tech Facilities Inc for contracting.  This checklist must be completed for all projects in the listed building when the PRF is submitted.

Delegated Authority - Contracting and Project Approval

Source from BOR website for Georgia Tech authorization levels for contracting and project authorization..

Project Authorization, construction cost NTE 1 million

Professional Consultant Contracting

QBS 600,000 Construction Contracting limit 5 million

Construction Signage - Interior Wayfinding Templates

Templates for use by PMs or Contractors for interior wayfinding signage within buildings related to construction activities.

Construction Notifications - Contact List Spreadsheet

List of campus stakeholders to notify for various construction activities, area managers list, building manager list.

Construction Signage - Instruction Sheet

Please follow these instructions to request a construction project sign, or a construction directional sign.  The sign will be paid for by the project.  Jessica Rose or Doug Sims can assist if you have questions.  Information on interior wayfinding signage and new civil signage standards for streets, sidewalks and other site related way-finding is also included.

Vending Notification Requirements

Our vending machine contractor has required that we notify them of vending relocations following the attached procedure.

Please plan ahead.

Construction Notifications - Instruction Sheet

How to set up campus wide notifications for construction projects impacting campus and how to use email as a notification tool, including email group.

Construction Site Sign + Campus Notification Request - Web Portal

Use this form to submit a sign request. You will receive a PDF document that can be printed and mounted at the construction site for traffic routing notices and building access restrictions.


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