3.) Bluebeam

Blue Beam - QUICK START: (4) DC Blue Beam Tool Set

This file should be emailed with the drawing review session so that new users will have a simplified tool set for drawing review mark ups.

Blue Beam - QUICK START: (3) Reviewer Instruction Sheet

Attach this quick start instruction sheet for reviewers to utilize who may be first time Blue Beam users.

This should be attached to the drawing review session email. 

Blue Beam - QUICK START: (2) Studio Session Email Template

Utilize this email template for Blue Beam drawing review Studio Sessions.  Be sure to copy Brittnei Smith on all Blue Beam review session emails.

Bluebeam - Keyboard Shortcuts

Handout on helpful mouse and keyboard shortcuts in Bluebeam Revu 2016.

Bluebeam - Comprehensive How To Guide

Step by step guide to core features of Bluebeam Revu 2016.

Includes how to set up a studio session, make review comments, navigate, creating profiles / tool sets etc.

Bluebeam - Tutorial Video Links

Links to how to videos developed by Bluebeam University.

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