9.) General Training

12.03.18 - Commissioning Process at GT Part II

Overview of Cx at GT, Introduction of GT OPR and GT Cx Specificaitons.

08.03.16 CPSM Insite and Net FM Database Instruction Manual

Instructions on how to navigate in the Insite and Net FM space management software.  Includes floor plans, CAD files, and a database for storing building and room data. Request for access to this system from CPSM.

07.13.17 Access Control Conversion Training (Donald Smith)

Access control systems overview training provided by Donald Smith in advance of campus wide conversion project.

12.04.17 Virtual Meeting Tools + Open Office Etiquette

Training reviews open office etiquette, and virtual meeting tools including: Skype, Blue Jeans, WebEx, and Teleconferencing lines.

09-25-17 - Commissioning Process at GT

Overview of the commissioning process at Georgia Tech and tools that are available to help PMs.


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