This page only contains guidance information related to construction projects that are executed through Facilities Management during the COVID-19 response period. For the most up-to-date information on how the Institute is managing all other institutional needs please visit Stamps Health Services webpage


Our construction projects will continue as contracted during this time.


While we understand you work for independent companies who may be following different guidance, we ask that:

  • General Contractors and our A/E teams should use their best judgement on all safety matters including current health related concerns and monitor their job sites as per their company policies
  • If a member of their team displays any signs of illness they are to send them home and take necessary precautions to clean/prepare the site to minimize exposure to other employees and our students and staff if working in an occupied area.
  • Increase ongoing as well as close out additional site cleaning/sanitation
  • Inspections with GT Fire Safety Office will be available, however, please keep these focused on critical needs as their staff may be limited.
  • Contractors should take steps necessary to create a plan to secure their job sites if necessary in case of a formal closure in the near future.
    • Ensure the site will be left secure maintaining fire access – ie. do not just pile everything behind the gate.
    • Ensure paths are accessible as appropriate for your job so trucks can gain access.
    • GT FSO may need to provide a Knox box padlock for the construction gate if applicable to your job
    • Gates/Construction Site Entry points should display key personnel contacts.

Please proceed, in all aspects, to follow the direction of your company’s risk management plan. If you should run into any issues or situations that require further specific input, your first point of contact is your GT D&C Project Manager.