Project Requests

PLEASE NOTE:  Click here for a PDF of the revised project deadlines. Also, refer here for estimated project lengths.

Customers must submit a Project Request Form to Facilities Design & Construction which provides basic project information necessary for D&C to evaluate and respond to the customer's request.

Please see the attached document for instructions on submitting and processing capital projects. Facilities Managed Projects

NOTE: Use either Google Chrome or Firefox browser for submitting a new project request or editing requests. The form will NOT function correctly using any other Internet browser, including Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer or Safari.

NOTE: Please hold your project requests until the issues with processing them in Workday have been resolved.

Legacy Project Requests access. The links below are only for referencing requests in the pre-FY20 system. All new requests will be managed via the link above.

Facilities Management has revised the PM fee structure for new projects initiated on or after January 1, 2017. The in-house design fee rate will also be revised for those same projects. Click the Fee Schedule Link for details.

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