Financial Administration

Work Order Request -- The Business Process

To initiate any type of project or service that is not a regularly-scheduled item, you must complete a work order request. 

There are two types of work requests: (1) routine maintenance and repair and (2) facility alteration.

  • For routine maintenance or repair, please submit the work order by email or call in the request to your area maintenance shop. You can determine which area your building is in by referring to the Facilities Maintenance Area map.
  • For facility alteration and larger projects with design requirements, complete the Design & Construction project request form. They are reviewed for compliance to building code or Tech's design standards. The form is available on the Facilities website.

Step 1: Submit an order request to Facilities. The work order must describe the work to be performed, the location of the work (building name, number and floor or room number), and phone number of the submitting party. The submitting party must be an authorized representative of your department, such as your facilities manager.

In order to bill your department for the work performed, the order must include your Peoplesoft project number and a Document ID #. A unique Doc ID # is now required for each work project (except standing, preventive maintenance orders) in order to track the work in Georgia Tech's accounting system.

Step 2: Facilities sets up the new project work order. For billing purposes, the work order includes the PSN, the Doc ID # and a Work Order # generated by Facilities which is communicated back to the client along with a confirmation.

Step 3: Facilities posts the labor and material charges internally as the project proceeds. Each past month's charges are accumulated and forwarded to Financial Data Processing to be posted to Peoplesoft by the 15th of the next month.

Step 4: Facilities posts the charges monthly to the requested department's account(s). Each charge is posted as a journal entry to Tech's General Ledger (GL).


Each item (materials or labor) is separately posted to the GL of your department by Peoplesoft. For each GL transaction, the Doc ID # is the primary campus reference number and your assigned work order # is the secondary reference.

A hard copy of the detail invoice is forwarded to your business office, or your facilities manager if so requested.

Any disputes are handled by contacting David Goldfarb.