Sustainable Facilities Forum

Panel Discussion: Paths to a Common Goal
Fahima Ahmed Bangert, Director of Sustainability and SEM Business Services, Stanford University; Kristen Lee, Sustainability Programs Manager, UC Santa Cruz; Erin English, Senior Engineer and Practice Leader, Biohabitats


You don't have to attend every session in one track. Participants are encouraged to pick and choose what they are most interested in.

CONCURRENT SESSIONS 1: 2:35pm - 3:00pm EST

Georgia Tech's Historic Preservation Plan


Karen Gravel, Principal, Lord Aeck Sargent; Linda Daniels, Associate Director, Capital Planning & Space Management, Georgia Tech

Eco-Commons Virtual Tour

Jerry Young, Landscape Project Manager, Georgia Tech

Maintaining Green Cleaning in a Pandemic

Emma Brodzik, Program Coordinator, Office of Solid Waste Management & Recycling; Wendy Welker, Program Coordinator, Building Services, Georgia Tech

CONCURRENT SESSIONS 2: 3:05pm - 3:30pm EST

Alumni House Legacy

Eric Clementi, Pieper O'Brien Herr/ ne SWI Architects; Marion Ellis, Ray and Ellis; Chris Rettkowski, GT-Athletics; Jennifer Disotell, Construction Management, Georgia Tech

Equity and Wellness in Outdoor Space

Dr. Karcheik Sims-Alvarado, CEO, Preserve Black Atlanta and Asst. Professor, Morehouse College; Jason Gregory, Sr. Planner & Landscape Architect, Georgia Tech

Kendeda Building: Operational Lessons Learned

Shan Arora, Kendeda Building Director, Georgia Tech

Smartlabs: Blending Safety and Savings

Ryan Lisk, Lab & Chemical Safety Officer; Greg Spiro, Mechanical Engineer Senior; Kynthia Gaines, Construction Project Mgr II, Georgia Tech

CONCURRENT SESSIONS 3: 3:35pm - 4:00pm EST

Historic Housing on Campus

Marion Ellis, Ray and Ellis; Todd Dolson, Stevens and Wilkinson; Brad Morris, Construction Director, Georgia Tech

Ecosystem Services: Monitoring & Data Collection

Jessica Rose, Associate Dir. Analytics, Georgia Tech; Bill Eason, Principle & Trainer, 215 Solutions

Hard to Recycle Materials

Emma Brodzik, Program Coordinator, Office of Solid Waste Management & Recycling;  Michelle Wong, Asst. Director, Petit Institute for Bioengineering, Georgia Tech