Facilities Management understands that our most important resource is our people. We strive to build a culture of continuous improvement and empowerment.

Work Green

Work Green Champions

Building Services core "green team" worked hard through their department to earn the top spot in the Work Green PilotThis pilot allowed staff members to voluntarily lead in promoting sustainable practices in their workplace. Nine Facilities Management teams volunteered.

Acts of Excellence

Shaking Hands

Recognize your peers for excellence in their daily work by nominating a fellow employee or team for a Facilities Management Acts of Excellence Award. Learn more!

Sustainability Committee

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Get involved! Interested in sharing your knowledge on green practices with others in Facilities? Join our contact list.

Inside Facilities Newsletter

Inside Facilities: 2018 Quarter 4

With a year of ups and downs behind us, it’s time to reflect on some truly great accomplishments by the Facilities Unit in 2018. 

Inside Facilities: 2018 Quarter 3

Homecoming festivities are always full of excitement and energy. Before the students and alumni embarked on their festivities, just about every department from across the Facilities Unit worked hard to support the weekend.

Inside Facilities: 2018 Quarter 2

It was with great pleasure that on April 30, 2018 Georgia Tech Facilities Management heard the news that we have been selected to receive the APPA Award for Excellence. This award is APPA’s highest institutional honor, providing national and international recognition for outstanding achievements in facilities management.

Inside Facilities: 2018 Quarter 1

With spring comes a bloom of construction activity throughout campus. Building on cutting-edge innovations from the past including CNES lab, nearly 30 green certified buildings and green operational practices, Georgia Tech is currently constructing the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design.

Inside Facilities: 2017 Quarter 4

As we return from our welcomed holiday break it is time to review past performance and set goals for the New Year. 2017 brought us many challenges as well as many reasons to feel proud and strong. From overcoming inclement weather to developing new work-plans and processes, we actively responded, reinvented and provided resiliency to our campus community many times over.

Inside Facilities: 2017 Quarter 1

Facilities First Quarter Newsletter

Throughout all of our departments within the Facilities Management Unit there are people taking part in deliberate projects to strengthen their teams and improve processes. As a result of our inpeccable teamwork, together we are constructing the Facilities Management Unit of the 21st Century. 

Inside Facilities: 2016 Quarter 3

Inside Facilities 2016 Quarter 3

Georgia Tech's built environment challenges us everyday. Quite often, as a Facilities staff member, you have to take initiative and figure out how to solve problems on the fly. 

Inside Facilities: 2016 Quarter 2

newsletter Q2 2016

Three separate initiatives within Operations and Maintenance have succeeded in saving paper amount to over 19 trees annually.