The front door of Economic Development Building

The proposed plan added additional control dampers, pressure sensors, occupancy sensors and CO2 sensors to the building creating a zone effect for air intake and exhaust management. This will enhance the independent control of sections of the building. Dampers were added to the return and exhaust air systems. The exhaust air will be reduced in relief operation after first satisfying the occupancy requirements, then the CO2 requirements. Occupancy sensor controlled dampers were also added to the restrooms to shut down exhaust when not in use. The exhaust and corresponding makeup air reduction will be about 40-50% of estimated savings with an approximate annual savings of $64,000 based on being able to purchase electricity at an average of $0.065/kWh or less in future years. It is likely that the per kilowatt hour price of electricity will increase over the life of the building.This would shorten the simple payback period to less than the expected 9.2 year overall simple payback.

College of Business
Start Date
Project Category
Project Type
Project Amount
Estimated Annual Savings
Simple Payback Period
9.2 years
Funds Requested
Better humidity and temperature control
Reduced service hours
More conductive work environment
Scope Items
Install VFDs on the exhaust systems
Add pressure sensors by floor
Add CO2 sensors by floor & zone
Add outside air dampers and occupancy sensors
Add restroom occupancy sensors and exhaust air dampers
Integrate the building control system with greater reset logic
Install one roof-mounted Energy Recovery Ventilation