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Georgia Tech Fleet Management

“We Keep the Campus Moving!”

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
6:55 a.m. - 5:25 p.m.

Phone: (404) 385-4232
Fax: (404) 385-2401

Address: 306 Tenth Street, NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Authorized Vehicle Use

State vehicles are authorized only for use in the performance of essential travel duties related to the completion of state business. Following are examples of authorized use: 

  • Travel between the place where the vehicle is dispatched and the place where the official state business is performed.
  • When on official travel status between the place of state business and the place of temporary lodging.
  • When on official travel status and not within reasonable walking distance between either of the above places and to obtain:
    • meals
    • medical assistance, including drug store
    • supplies/materials needed for the completion of state business
  • Transport of other officers, employees, or guests of the state when they are on official state business.
  • Transport of consultants, contractors, or commercial firm representatives when such transport is official state business. (Independent contractors must provide his/her own insurance even though he/she is an authorized passenger in-state vehicles).
  • Transport of materials, supplies, parcels, luggage, or other items belonging to or serving the interests of the Institute.
  • Transport of any person or item in an emergency.

Unauthorized Vehicle Use

Vehicles are not authorized to be used for any personal trips unrelated to the Institute business for which they were assigned or to transport passengers who are not Institute employees unless on Institute business.

Unauthorized use of state vehicles may result in immediate disciplinary action from Georgia Tech. Such action may include suspension of all privileges to operate Institute state-owned vehicles and in some cases, termination. Furthermore, Institute drivers are not covered by liability insurance when engaging in the unauthorized use of state vehicles. The following uses and activities while operating a state vehicle are prohibited:

  • Any personal purposes are other than commuting which has been authorized.
  • Transport of hitchhikers.
  • Transport of cargo that has no relation to the performance of the official Institute business.
  • Transport of hazardous materials such as acids, explosives, weapons, ammunition, or highly flammable material, except by specific authorization or in an emergency.
  • Except when in an official business travel status, transport of other employees from work centers to restaurants, cafés, or drugstores.
  • Attending sporting events including hunting and fishing other than those activities which are part of the employee’s official duties.
  • Transporting any political campaign literature or matter or to engage in soliciting votes or to transport any person or persons soliciting votes in any election or primary.
  • Smoking in a state vehicle by any occupant.
  • Attaching personal property to state vehicles.
  • Applying decals not authorized by Georgia Tech Fleet Services or DOAS OFM.
  • Transportation of cargo that is beyond the vehicle’s rated capabilities.
  • Non-state employee “passengers” not on state business or specifically approved for travel by your agency head.