The overarching EcoCommons Project envisions 80 acres of green space across campus that follow what were the original naturally occurring stream paths of this region before urbanization. These green spaces are designed and engineered as part of the landscape master plan to reduce storm water runoff by 50%.  

The EcoCommons wins "Jury's Choice" award for Excellence in Landscape Architecture for General Design from the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) 2023. 

The EcoCommons wins "Merit Award" from the Georgia chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects 2023.

veteran's walk


Veteran's Walk of Honor

Located outside of the Veterans Resource Center, this tribute project will honor all Georgia Tech alumni, students, and staff who have served in the U.S. armed forces. The walkway leading to the Veterans Resource Center will feature granite inlays and mounted wall plaques recognizing the six military branches. Each inlay will include a portion of Morse code representing the individual branch’s slogan or motto. Adjacent elevated signage will display the core values of military service: honor, courage, commitment, respect, duty, valor, service, and integrity. An upper plaza reflection area is already complete with an American flag overlooking Griffin Track and McCamish Pavilion, with the city skyline in the distance. The full project is scheduled for completion in late 2023.

Logistics Plan


Women's Walk

Located in the heart of campus near the John Lewis Student Center, this installation will celebrate the history of women at Georgia Tech, including staff, faculty, and alumnae. It honors women’s accomplishments and contributions to the Institute and to a wide range of fields in which they have made an impact. It will also allow space for reflection and contemplation. The project is currently in the final design phase with installation scheduled for late 2024.


Divine Nine Plaza

The Divine Nine are the nine historically Black fraternities and sororities that comprise the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Design plans currently feature a plaza area with nine distinct circular gathering spaces that include wooden seating, a variety of plant materials, and a central gathering lawn. Located adjacent to the Student Center parking deck, the plaza will include an 820-square-foot stage with terraced seating. Currently under construction, (view the live feed) the project is scheduled for completion in late September or early October 2023.


East Campus Streetscape



East Campus Streetscape

Along Techwood Drive and the east side of campus, the renovation of sidewalks and roadways will improve pedestrian, cyclist, and micro-mobility access while supporting the Insitute's safety, connectivity, and carbon neutrality goals. These alternative-mode routes will have improved lighting and coordinate with the campus bus systems.

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Ferst Drive Realignment and Cycle Track



Ferst Drive Realignment and Cycle Track

This realignment, safety, and connectivity project will provide improved bicycle infrastructure and allow for separation between bikes, pedestrians, and vehicles. This project will also address the realignment of Ferst Drive at Regents Drive, which will eliminate the traffic signal and enable connectivity to the planned bicycle infrastructure southwest of campus. A cycle track will be installed along Ferst Drive, providing improved safety and separation between cycles and buses at the bus stops.


The Campanile

The Kessler Campanile has long served as an iconic campus landmark. This landmark and the surrounding plaza, fountain, and amphitheater have been reconfigured as part of the Campus Center construction and renovation project. The most notable change is the design of the fountain at the base of the 80-foot obelisk.


Stickworks "A Chip off the Ole' Block"

Internationally renowned sculptor Patrick Dougherty was commissioned by Georgia Tech to create a unique, large-scale art installation in the EcoCommons, adjacent to the Kendeda Building. Made entirely of saplings and constructed with the help of student and community volunteers, this woven fortress beckons visitors to explore and interact with its natural beauty.


Portman Sculpture

The Portman Sculpture, entitled "Koan" was inspired by the “Knowledge and Research plus Creativity” that fuel Georgia Tech and are essential to the advanced technological innovation and development that define the Institute. Standing nearly 40 feet tall, Koan was designed by the late John Portman, a renowned architect, designer, and Georgia Tech graduate.