Planning, Design, and Construction

Is my project feasible?

Customers should visit if they have questions as to the feasibility of a project concept or scope. Our architects and engineers can review your request and assist in determining the project scope and feasibility.

How much will the project cost?

PD&C can assist in establishing an initial project budget which can be refined as the full scope of the project is determined.

How long does it normally take to bid projects?

We are required to follow the University System of Georgia procedures for bidding,which require competitive bidding and establish minimum guidelines for bid advertising and contractor preparation of bid proposals. In general, it will take at least thirty days from the time project documents are ready for a contract to be executed.

What other costs, in addition to the construction cost, will be incurred?

Construction cost is about 80% of a project's total budget. Other costs might include items such as architectural and engineering professional fees, bid advertisements, printing, and utility location surveys. Customers must identify funding for the total project budget.

How do I request the following services?

  • Design, Architectural or Engineering Services
  • Estimating projects
  • Installing new electrical service
  • Installing or removing walls, doors, etc.
  • Replacing carpet
  • Painting projects

Customers must fill in and send a Project Request Form. The form provides basic project information necessary for D&C to evaluate and respond to the customer's request.

Operations and Maintenance

What do I do with the keys when I no longer need them?

All keys should be turned back over to the Building Manager for that building.

How do I know when keys are ready?

The Lock shop personnel will deliver all keys to the requesting Building Manager. They will then contact the requestor about picking up the key(s) from them. Each department has guidelines about signing out and picking up keys.

If I am a contractor/vendor for GA Tech, how do I get a key?

All contractors must have a project manager or building manager come with them or send an e-mail to the Lock Shop approving a person and company to check out temporary keys. The Lock shop has a form for the contractor to fill out and sign making them responsible for returning all keys to the Lock shop. If the keys are not returned, the company will be charged for the cost of material and labor to re-key all doors affected by the keys that are not returned.

How do I order keys?

Talk first with the Building Manager for the building that you are in need of a key. He or she will be the contact for I&S to fill any key requests. Building Managers may require you to send an e-mail to them requesting a key(s). Each department may have additional rules that you must follow in requesting keys. Each building manager can give you those departmental requirements. The Building Manager would then send an email request to I&S requesting key(s) along with the number and doc id number for billing the cost of each key.

Will I need to show ID when I pick up keys?

Building managers should require you to show your Georgia Tech ID before issuing a key.

How do I request the following routine maintenance services?

  • Heating and air conditioning--too hot or too cold
  • Need additional or replacement keys
  • Cleaning problems
  • Furniture or other items needing to be moved
  • Painting requests
  • Exterior maintenance problems
  • Recycling problems
  • Pest control problems

Notify your Building Manager if you have a routine maintenance request, and they will forward the request to the appropriate Area Maintenance Office.

I&S Employee Questions

How do I get an account created for a new I&S employee?

Fill out the form here

How do I understand the compensation process at Georgia Tech?

Compensation (also know as Total Rewards) includes all of the rewards earned by employees in return for their labor. Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR) Compensation team establishes and maintains salary rates and makes individual salary decisions that help recruit, retain and motivate employees.  

They oversee financial compensation across the Institute including pay received as wages, salaries, bonuses and commissions provided at regular and consistent intervals.  How and when your compensation is paid is managed by the GTHR's Payroll Team.  More information can be found here.