Landscaping Requests

Request Event Services

If you have an event that needs trash cans to be placed for event attendees, then you will need to go through the event management system. Once you have your event approved and added to the list, you may send an email to the address below to reserve a time and make arrangements for the number of cans that are needed.

Landscape Email address:

Request Other Outside Services

Use this link to our GeoForm to request services for the following issues that you see on campus. This form is designed to be filled out in the field from a mobile device (cell phone), or from your web browser. Please consider adding a photo of the issue you are reporting to assist us with correcting it as efficiently as possible. 

You may also add comments to your request to clarify what issue you are are reporting.

Service Types:

  • Tree services (pruning or removing dead trees)
  • Pressure Washing (sidewalks or other hardscape)
  • Leaf blowing or cleanup (parking lots, sidewalks, outdoor courtyards)
  • Sidewalk or hardscape issues (trip hazards, loose bricks, broken concrete)
  • Landscape issues (erosion, broken sprinklers, flower bed updates)

Link to GeoForm: Here

If you have an issue inside a building, or see something that needs attention not on this list, please contact a building manager and they will know how to route your request to the appropriate department.