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Fleet Management aims to provide exceptional customer service while maintaining vehicles and equipment in a safe, dependable, sustainable, and cost-effective manner. 

It is the responsibility of Georgia Tech Fleet Management (GTFM) to ensure that the provisions of the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) Policy 10 are accurately reflected in Institute policies and are strictly enforced in a manner to ensure that state vehicles are operated and managed in an effective, efficient, and responsible manner. GTFM shall not adopt policies or procedures that are less restrictive than state vehicle fleet policies and procedures but may include additional information assocated with our specific business needs. Fleet Management is responsible for inventory accountability and ensuring vehicle management compliance. 

GTFM determines the need for vehicles in the execution of their statutory duties. We ensure strict compliance with the standards developed by the Department of Administrative Service's Office of Fleet Management (DOAS OFM). Also, GTFM manages the Institute's vehicle fleet in a manner that complies with all policies, rules, and regulations governing the purchase, operation, use, assignment, maintenance, service, repair, and disposal of vehicles.



Georgia Tech Fleet Management established a new Fuel Card Program on July 1, 2015 requiring all current and potential PIN users to complete a Fuel PIN application packet. Fleet Management suggests that all individuals who utilize gas-powered vehicles obtain a Georgia Tech Fuel PIN. Click here for access.


Georgia Tech Fleet Management now offers a car-sharing and vehicle rental program. The program's purpose is to lower overall vehicle numbers while increasing vehicle use, giving students within institute-sponsored programs, faculty, and staff access to better, safer, and more ecologically responsible transportation options. Click here for instructions and program overview.


Regardless of the circumstances or extent of damage, all accident or incidents involving a motor vehicle used for official state business must be handled in the attached procedures.


Georgia Tech Fleet Management has the discretion to reassign vehicles to ensure maximization of vehicle use, regardless of the financing source of the Institute. Georgia Tech Fleet Management will aid in deciding the size of vehicle that a department may obtain, up to and including mid-sized automobiles, light-duty trucks, and heavy-duty trucks, based on the business requirement assessment. Compact automobiles and low-speed vehicles are recommended whenever possible. Click here for Vehicle Acquisition Procedures and Vehicle Request Form


Golf carts were first introduced to campus in 1996 to accommodate the Summer Olympics. Their use and that of street legal Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) has grown since then. These policies outline Georgia Tech's expectations for the purchase, safe operation, and usage of street legal LSVs on campus. This regulation applies to Georgia Tech-owned LSVs and other motorized carts that are driven on Georgia Tech's campus. Read the policies here.


As part of the University System of Georgia (USG), Georgia Tech adheres to an overarching state policy regarding the use of institute-owned vehicles. The USG Motor Vehicle Use policy sets the expection for driving qualifications and training standards for state-owned and rental vehicles for institute business travel. Click here for Online Defensive Driving and Van Safety Courses.


As part of the University System of Georgia, Georgia Tech follows state policies regarding state-owned vehicles. The Georgia Fleet Management Manual was created by the Georgia Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) Office of Fleet Services and serves as the principal policy document guiding the acquisition, maintenance, repair and replacement of state-owned vehicles. The goal of this policy is to ensure consistent maintenance procedures for Georgia Tech-owned or controlled vehicles purchased, leased, or controlled using Institute funds. All departments who own or control motor vehicles must adhere to the Georgia Tech Motor Vehicle Maintenance Procedures.


Authorized versus unauthorized vehicle use guidelines.







Blue Seal of Excellence Recognition

In March 2016, Georgia Tech’s Fleet Services department earned the Blue Seal of Excellence Recognition as prescribed by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of vehicle repair and service by means of voluntary testing and certification for automotive repair and service professionals. To be eligible for this recognition, an organization must have 75% of its automotive professionals ASE certified. In addition, there must be a certified technician in each area of service offered.


Customers: Use the link below to submit service requests, check maintenance histories and book a vehicle for rental.

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Georgia Tech Fleet Management

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Fleet Service Coordinator
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Fleet Admin Manager
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Fleet Operations Coordinator
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Afterhours Roadside Assistance for Georgia Tech vehicles
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