The front door of Global Learning Center

This project added additional control dampers, pressure sensors, occupancy sensors and CO2 sensors to the building creating an organized zone effect for exhaust and fresh air management. Nine sections of the building are now able to be controlled independently. Dampers have also been added to the return air system. The exhaust air has been reduced by first satisfying the occupancy requirements, then the CO2 requirements. Dampers have been added to the restrooms to shut down ventilation when space is unoccupied. A portion of the basement exhaust system has been decoupled from the remainder of the building and satisfied independently. These efforts have resulted in a 50% exhaust and corresponding makeup-air reduction with an approximate annual savings of $73,000.

Global Learning Center
Start Date
Project Category
Project Type
Project Amount
Estimated Annual Savings
Simple Payback Period
6.1 years
Funds Requested
Reducing energy costs
Creating a zone effect for exhaust and fresh air management
Allowing nine sections of the building to be controlled independently
Maintaining correct building pressurization and better indoor air quality
Scope Items
Install VFDs on the exhaust fans
Add pressure sensors by floor & zones
Add CO2 sensors by floor & zone
Add outside air dampers
Add occupancy sensors
Add basement exhaust, sensors and controls
Integrate the building control system with temperature pressure reset logic