Meet Seth Osekre, custodian and safety advocate

Seth Nii Ablorh Osekre is a custodian in Facilities Management. He was born and grew up in Accra, Ghana, where he studied electrical construction at Royal Technical College. He worked in the printing industry for 16 years, making notebooks and ledgers, before coming to Georgia Tech in 2007.

“My cousin introduced me to Georgia Tech when I came from Ghana, looking for a new life in America,” Osekre said. He joined his mother, three brothers, and three sisters who had already relocated to Atlanta.

Air Purifiers Destined for Classrooms

Teams in Infrastructure and Sustainability (I&S) are again on the move, staying one step ahead in virus mitigation measures this fall. More than 200 portable air purifiers will be installed in centrally and departmentally scheduled classrooms ahead of the first day of classes on Monday, Aug. 23. The air purifiers or “scrubbers” improve air quality by decreasing particle volume concentrations within a single room. With classrooms slated for heavier use this semester, the installation of portable air cleaners ensures an additional level of clean air within individual classrooms.

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