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Who Are We?

A group of BI developers, business analysts, and information systems managers, the I&S Analytics Team is easily one of the most exciting groups of crazy information experts you will ever meet. Our goal is quite simply to get you the information you need, in an easily accessible and digestible format.  Stop by and we will regale you with why you should never use a pie chart, or we might even bake a pie instead to share with you!

Our Location

O'Keefe Building 151 6th Street NW Atlanta, GA 30313

Map of Facilities Management location

Contact Us


Please use the emails in our bios below to contact us directly or reach out using Microsoft TEAMS.


Jimmie Hardin

Hardin, Jimmie 

Director of Analytics
Cell: (404) 649-3232 


Lana Soroka

Soroka, Svetlana 

Facilities Info Sys Manager
Work: (404) 894-3455 

Tammie Brown

Brown, Tammie K 

Business Analyst II
Cell: (404)-374-8157 

Ovida Reeves

Reeves, Ovida 

Business Analyst II
Cell: (404) 229-7791 

Mayda Acosta

Acosta, Mayda 

Business Intel Dev II
Cell: (404) 725-5663