The overarching EcoCommons Project envisions 80 acres of green spaces across campus that follow what were the original naturally occurring stream paths of this region before being urbanized. These green spaces are being designed and engineered as part of the 2004 landscape master plan to reduce storm water runoff by 50%.  We are excited for this latest section coming online for students, faculty and staff to enjoy.

Completion Date
photo of EcoCommons walkway

This EcoCommons sector opened with an aim to recreate a traditional piedmont woodland. Eight different planting zones spread across eight acres adjacent to the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design. In designing this performance landscape, Georgia Tech is practicing thoughtful stewardship of the land by joining it with smart infrastructure to create a more balanced flow of storm water.  By providing this valuable ecological and educational environment on campus for students, faculty and visitors, The EcoCommons supports Georgia Tech’s commitment to fostering vital sustainability initiatives well into the 21st century.  


Corner of Ferst Drive and Hemphill Avenue
Project Manager
Jerry Young
Start Date