The first of a multi-phase construction project creating connections from Tech Parkway to the John Lewis Student Center area along Ferst Drive begins Monday, Dec. 18.

Beginning Monday, Dec. 18, work will commence on the installation of a new water line, electrical system upgrades, and the construction of two new pedestrian and vehicular crossings at the following locations: 

  • Tech Parkway to the John Lewis Student Center at State Street. 

  • Tech Parkway to the John Lewis Student Center loading dock. 

Access to Tech Parkway from North Avenue (past Cherry Street) will be unavailable. Traffic will be directed further down North Avenue and access to Tech Parkway will be available at State Street. See the detour plan here.

In this section of campus, Ferst Drive is currently a low- traffic interior road that parallels Tech Parkway, creating a redundant route. Future campus plans anticipate the removal of this redundancy, allowing for development or additional green space depending upon campus programmatic needs. 

This phase of construction work will necessitate the removal of approximately 25 trees. In accordance with the Campus Landscape Master Plan and the Tree Care Replacement policy, trees will be planted elsewhere on campus, or funds equivalent will be added to the campus tree bank. Locations for replacement trees will be identified and the trees planted in the appropriate season.  

This is the first of several phases of the Campus Connectivity Plan, and it is expected to last until March 2024, as the campus begins to increase connectivity south and west of campus as outlined in the recently released Comprehensive Campus Plan. Developments such as Science Square and Arts Square will require multimodal and pedestrian connectivity to the core of campus, and these connections will be implemented incrementally.  

Subsequent phases of construction will move west along Ferst Drive with updates provided as they become available.