Phase two of the East Campus Streetscape Project will address Third Street, the area near the Third Street tunnel, and the sidewalk in front of Field Residence Hall. 

Update as of March 9:

*The Third Street sidewalk will reopen by March 16 and contractor will begin sidewalk, wall, and curb demolition on Techwood Drive in front of Field and Matheson residence halls beginning March 18. This phase is expected to last until early May. Updated logistics and pedestrian detour routes are attached. Once the sidewalk is reopened, the new bus stop will be constructed and traffic lanes will shift south until work is complete.


Phase 2 of the East Campus Streetscape Project will begin on Feb. 2 addressing Third Street and the entrance to the Third Street tunnel down to the sidewalk at Techwood Drive. Hydro barriers and fencing will be placed and demolition will begin Feb. 5. Once work on Third Street is complete the fencing will be shifted to the sidewalk in front of Field Residence Hall. A detailed traffic and pedestrian circulation plan will be distributed once approval is granted from the City of Atlanta.

Parking spaces along the north side of Third Street will be unavailable during construction. When work begins on Techwood Drive, a temporary bus stop will be created. Appropriate signage will direct both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. 

Please note the sequencing and corresponding site plan for the East Campus Streetscape project.


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