Valerie Edward joined Facilities in March 2019 as a stationary engineer at the Holland Plant. (Photo by Allison Carter)
Valerie Edward is a stationary engineer at the Holland Plant.
Photo of Marlon Ellis, area maintenance manager for KBISD, receives his first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.
How Marlon Ellis, area maintenance manager for The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design, came to understand the importance of the vaccine.
A view from the granite outcropping toward the meadow and contemplative grove.
As the construction fencing comes down, a fresh, new greenspace welcomes students for the spring semester.
Seth Osekre uses a disinfecting fogger. The disinfectant has a fast evaporation rate, leaving no residue or odor behind. (Photo by Allison Carter)
Seth Osekre, a custodian in Facilities Management since 2007, has friends all over campus.
Roles and Responsibilities Update as of December 2020 - Org Chart
Operational Changes within Facilities Take Effect Immediately
pic of gtpd and PAL program members Nov 2020
GTPD officers have begun an exciting new collaboration with the Atlanta Police Athletic League (PAL).
Image of lab controls installed during Smart Labs project.
The objective of the project was to improve the safety and functionality of research labs on campus with the primary goals of increasing energy efficiency, creating utility cost savings, and ultimately reducing the Institute’s carbon footprint.
Parents of Georgia Tech students provide buffet of snacks in appreciation of employees in all areas of Facilities.
Cristina Fannin is a construction manager.
As a young adult, Cristina Fannin left a comfortable career as an architect in the Philippines to strike out on her own in the U.S.
web banner for SFF 2020
This year's forum will be held Tuesday, Oct. 27, from 1 to 4 p.m.